Aisha Gull is a leading name in the graphic design industry. With expertise in 2d game art, she is a veteran of literally hundreds of projects. As a 2d game designer, she has worked tirelessly to meet her clients’ game design and development needs. Her in-depth knowledge allows her to lead her team effectively when designing and building game solutions.

Aisha Gull showcases her highly valued skill set through her game designer portfolio, which spans a wide variety of projects now in operation. Many of these projects are up on app stores, reflecting her high success in producing game design and development solutions.

Aisha Gull’s individual expertise is deeply inspiring to her entire team. With a focus on brand development, she helps companies build their persona not just through game design, but also through logo design and brand identity design immensely driven by her technical knowledge of UI/UX concepts.

Aisha Gull focuses on each and every client’s project, dedicating her attention to every detail when designing visual interfaces, thereby, ensuring that quality always remains a top priority. With this level of professional dedication, it’s no wonder that she has managed successful completion of projects. Her vast portfolio stands testimony to this professionalism.